About Santra Constructions

SANTRA CONSTRUCTIONS is the one of the Largest Architectural Designing and Constructions for the past 8 years. The staff has been guided by the group of directors who has 10+ years of wise experience. We have over 10+ dedicated employees serving clients across the country.
Together, we discover ideas and connect the dots to build a better and a bold new future. using and evolving collections of proven online marketing tactics, We provide customized Floor Plans 3D Elevation, Interior Designs, Technical drawings and Architectural guidance.
Our passion is to connect our clients to the very best of our projects. 15+best and professional Architects, determined to give you world class designs.
We believe that our strength relies on our reputation with the clients, their satisfaction and the word they spread.

Up Coming Projects


Santra Constructions has long been a leader in the development of the Construction Management project delivery system.

Our Staff

We have been blessed to have the quality of people surrounding our company that I can also refer to as family.


Santra Constructions is proud to work with the India's top companies and brands. Santra Constructions have a diverse client base.


We are looking for individuals who are eager to develop and apply their skills to create buildings where people live